"adapted and overcame unforeseen challenges that arose on our day."

~ Chase & Katie ~


"His cool temperament and patient demeanor were a real blessing the day of our wedding."

~ Robbie & Sarah ~


"...we weren't looking to have something photoshopped to 1975."

~ Peter & Monica ~


"...professional, calm and has an incredible vision."

~ Jake and Cat ~


"...beautifully accurate story of our wedding day!"

~ Josh & Hollie ~


"He made his presence discreet, so we didn't feel crowded."

~ Robert & Suzanne ~

Chuck & Katie

Tayloe & Isabel

John & Katie

Robbie & Sarah

Mark & Lauren


Eliott & Meghan

Josh & Hollie

Andy & Jane


Robert & Suzanne

Chris & Katie

Elliott & Kim

Tim Harman Photography

Hey!  Tim, here.

My interest in photography began in my late teens. It was a hobby that turned into a serious hobby that became a career. The encouragement of my friends and family led me to begin shooting professionally in 2006.  I’ve shot weddings since the beginning, and more recently I’ve begun more corporate/commercial work under my partnership, Harman & Hall.  I’m the Director of Business Development at PixHouse and also recently started a blog, You can, man.  Needless to say, I stay busy!  I’m currently only taking on a select number of weddings per year.

I call Marietta, GA home along with my gorgeous wife of over 15 years, Bethany, and our three children, Luke (b. 2010), Eleanor (b. 2013), and Clara (b. 2015).  We highly value loving Jesus and loving people. Things I like include good documentaries, classic Ford Broncos, DIY projects of all kinds, and camping.


I’d love to hear from you!  Please note: I’m currently only taking on a select number of weddings per year.

Please check your email spam folder if you have not heard from me within 24hrs.