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God’s creation – Fall

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If you’ve come across this page because you’re trying to find the original source of this image, CONGRATULATIONS!  You found me!  I created this image in my front yard the morning of October 28, 2009.  I still live in the same house.  I still have the same tree.  I uploaded a high-res of this image (with watermark) for the few followers I had at the time to use as their desktop background.  Yep, looking back I fully realize I was dumb to do that.  

It was taken, watermark cropped out, and found its way to virtually every desktop wallpaper site out there.  Since then, it has traveled around the globe.  Who knows how many millions of times my front yard has been viewed by people all over the world.  At this point, there’s no stopping it.  I jokingly say it now belongs to the internet.  Really the only instances in which I’ll get involved are when photographers claim it as their own.  It happens.  Just this year (2018) I had to call out a photographer who was doing just that.  

Occasionally, I’ll have people contact me asking permission to use the image.  They did their due diligence to find the source, and for those amazing people I’ve happily granted permission (in most all cases I believe).  If you’d like permission to use my image, feel free to reach out.  I’m a nice guy and will probably let you use it.  I mean hey, the rest of the internet already does.  


Every year I say to myself that I’m going to get out there and get some shots of all the beautiful fall colors, but then I drag my feet and the leaves are gone before I know it. So, this morning when I saw the sun gloriously shining down in my front yard I knew I had to get my camera.

This is a challenge to all you photographers out there! Leave a comment with a link to your best fall color image. Let’s also make it a requirement that it must have been shot this year. Let’s see those fall colors!

**edit** If you’d like you can also post a link to download a high res version of your image so people can use them as their desktop background. Make sure to watermark your image for copyright protection. You can get my high resolution image HERE.


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Just got back a bit ago from a preview showing of the soon to be released OneLight DVD. OneLight is the work of my good friend and colleague Zack Arias. Back in 2006 I attended Zack’s workshop and it totally changed the way I shoot. What Zack does with lighting is nothing short of amazing.

For all you photographers out there, trust me, this DVD will be money well spent. Check out the disc one trailer/montage below.