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Dan and Anne

By June 11, 2008March 2nd, 2010Personal Work, Portraits

So this past memorial day, Bethany and I got together with our really good friends Dan and Anne Almasy. We grilled out and then had a photo-swap! Dan and Anne are both amazing photographers. I am a huge fan of their work.

Its such a blessing to have such great friends who are also photographers! They have imparted much wisdom to me concerning the photography biz and specifically wedding photography. You can check out their stellar work here and also see some shots they did of Bethany and I on their blog here.

Now the images…

love this…

Dan and I ripped the viewfinder off one of my old polaroid cameras and did some “through the lens” aka TTL shots. This is the result… Pretty cool huh?

Here is a shot of Anne. For you photographers out there…no, I didn’t do anything to Anne’s eyes. They really are that brilliant!

The following images are from what Bethany and Anne coined as a “friend shoot.” They have become really good friends over the past year or so. FACT: They are wearing each other’s jeans. 🙂

yeah…i know…

Dan and Anne…love you two!

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