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Disaster Relief Trip…

By October 18, 2006March 2nd, 2010Personal Work

So I’m finally getting around to posting images from my disaster relief trip to Gulfport a couple months back. Its crazy that even after a year, there is still so much work to be done.

The team…

A boat that was washed ashore after hurricane Camille way back when. It survived Katrina and still sits in the same place.

Another boat washed ashore. Keep in mind this is a year after the storm hit.

All that was left of this bank was the vault…

Great image of Marc on the beach.

A before image of a kitchen our team rebuilt for a very deserving couple.

Part of our team with them…

And a couple shots after the remodel…

Julian and Sarah…

Marc showing off the pretty new closet doors we installed. I might add that they fit perfectly.

A few random shots at the beach…

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  • Jim says:

    These take me back. Again, very well done. What an overwhelming disaster, what power God has at the tip of His fingertips. What mercy He has to hold His wrath at bay. What a joy to see God’s people at work.
    Wish we were going back sooner.

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