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Introducing: David and Elizabeth Gallant

By June 5, 2006March 2nd, 2010Weddings

some other people from the wedding…
My love…Bethany….

the soon to be Josh and Mallory Young…

Ashley and Joel…

and who could forget Cuevo…too much to drink?

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  • Mallory Mulkey says:

    Those pictures are awesome…can we get that picture of us? I love the one of Cuevo. You are definately going to be the photographer at our wedding.

  • Mallory Mulkey says:

    thank you for the pictures… they are great! I can’t wait till our wedding either. (haha)

  • Elizabeth Dawson Gallant says:

    Tim!!! THOSE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!! I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to pass your link onto some of my friends/family. Had we only known that you were doing photography…. Thanks so much! We’d definately love a CD of your amazing work!!! Best of luck in your photography!
    With Love,

  • Travis says:

    Tim, amazing photos man. You really captured the moment in a lot of them. Nice use of the 50mm too. Hey, so how are things going jobwise? Are you going to photographize it up?

  • cindy and andy russell says:

    What a beautiful couple and we are so happy to have been able to come to the wedding with Mom, Liz’s grandmother, who is 93.

    As you can see everyone had a good time!

    CK and Andy

  • Justin Cuevas says:

    Pics are awesome dude, you did a great job w/ the lighting and bringing out the colours in the pics. Post some more action soon.

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