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Stephen and Amy :: “what caught my eye” :: Wedding at Piedmont Church

By March 1, 2011WCME

I was so happy when Amy and Stephen chose me as their photographer. I grew up with Amy attending Piedmont Baptist (now just called Piedmont Church) in Marietta. I suppose Amy and her family have been friends of mine for my entire life and so it was a great honor to shoot her wedding. It was also neat to shoot at the church I grew up at. The looks of it have changed quite a bit over the years, but the memories I made there are always with me.

This first shot is of our Sunday-school class c.1988! We had all just received new Bibles!

Next up is this beautifully simple shot of Amy. Gorgeous.

Wedding at Piedmont Church, Marietta, GA

Stephen and Amy spending a few quiet moments with one another after seeing each other for the first time. I shot this through a nearby window.

Wedding at Piedmont Church, Marietta, GA

and surprise, surprise…an exit shot! This was the first time I’ve witnessed the groom carrying his bride out. Love it. Nicely done Stephen.

Wedding at Piedmont Church, Marietta, GA

Congrats Amy and Stephen!

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  • Andy says:

    Your exit shots are always good. I mean, great!

    My guess is she wanted to show off her pink heels for the exit?

  • Amy says:

    Love them Tim!! Thank you so much for everything!!! And the carrying me out was spontaneous and all Stephen… I didn’t even think about my pink shoes showing until a week later! Thanks for being a part of our special day!

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