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Trip to Chicago for JD and Evie’s wedding!

By May 27, 2009March 2nd, 2010Personal Work, Travel

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Chicago for Evie and JD’s wedding. I wanted to share a few images from the city as well as a few from the wedding that caught my eye. Special thanks to Kurt for coming along with me to second shoot.

Chicago is such a beautiful city. I don’t think I’d want to be there in the winter, but the spring sure was nice. Here is a view of the river with the train passing by and all the amazing buildings.

the city seal…

Kurt and I of course had to go to the top of the Sears tower….

Kurt under one of the train lines.

Factoid: Chicago is the only city in North America in which 6 Class 1 railroads meet.

Lastly, a shot of my good friend Jake who was in town for the wedding in front of none other than Gino’s East. This was my first time having Chicago deep dish pizza and it was fantabulous.


This first shot is of Evie’s locket she wore the day of the wedding. Inside is a picture of her Dad who passed away a few years back. Evie’s aunt is holding it open so I can get the shot.

some of Evie’s creativeness…notice JD’s wooden ring!

Evie with her brother just as the doors to the chapel were opening…

lastly, a shot of Evie and JD just after being pronounced husband and wife! I’m not sure they could look any happier. These shots are often some of my favorite.

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