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Photo shoot for CLARK HOWARD!

By April 3, 2008October 5th, 2010Commercial, Head Shots

I recently had the privilege of doing a photo shoot with radio talk show host Clark Howard. Clark is host of the Clark Howard Show on WSB-750 AM here in Atlanta and is also heavily syndicated throughout the country.

These shots were done for his book website, Get Clark Smart. Clark’s site is currently being redesigned by an incredible web development company, Simple Source Solutions, and will be unveiled very soon. Be sure to check out the site and order a few books!

Special thanks goes to my good friend and colleague, Zack Arias, for use of his studio in Decatur. Zack also got some amazing shots that you may find on his blog soon. Be sure to check those out too.

Clark Howard

Clark Howard

Clark Howard

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  • This has got to be the coolest thing I have seen all week!! Awesome!


    P.S. I passed your name/website along to three of my wedding inquiries this week… they all seem to call for the exact same date!

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